7 Tips for Using EMF Protection to Lower Cell Phone Radiation Exposure

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Here are 7 Tips for Lowering Cell Phone EMF Radiation Exposure. Why? Because modern electronic devices are an integral part of human life. These products release EMF pollution in the form of undesired and harmful electromagnetic waves that create numerous potential health risks. This “electro-smog” pollution emitted, especially from cell phones, may affect the functionality of various body organs, the immune system, energy and vitality. Moreover, EMF radiation exposure may also cause a number of illnesses including high blood pressure, unexplained headaches, electo sensitivity disorder, diabetes, lower vitality and even cancer. That’s why proven cell phone radiation protection products are becoming more and more important.

There are many products on the market that promise varieties of solutions and remedies to EMF and cell phone radiation exposure. In fact most of them rely mainly on graphics, marketing and sales techniques. In this current situation, a common sense approach for most consumers seems to be appropriate. Here is a list of most common steps for EMF and cell phone radiation protection.

7 cell phone tips for lowering EMF radiation exposure:

1: Keep your your cell phone from directly touching your head during phone conversations.

2: Use speaker phone while talking on the phone.

3: If possible limit the amount of talk time to 10 minutes.

4: Use Blue-tooth for longer conversations.

5: Keep your phone in your purse or cell phone case when not used to limit direct contact between the body and cell phone.

6: Try to only use your cell phone when the signal reception is strong (at least three bars) – the weaker the signal reception the stronger cell phone antenna has to work to maintain connectivity.

7: Use only credible EMF protection and cell phone radiation protection products.

According to World Health Organization reports cell phone radiation may deliver a negative impact on the human brain. ADR-Protect by AdrProVita is a registered medical device in the European Union and is supported by clinical and lab research results and international awards (Golden Medal Eureka Inventions, Brussels and Golden Medal INPEX Therapeutics, Pittsburgh).Although results from studies on the true level of impact on health vary, using EMF protection might be smart to do what we can to make the risk a non-issue.