CSR to Reveal Bluetooth Smart Jewelry at CES 2014

CSR, one of the leading manufacturers of Bluetooth chips, is set to reveal a line of Bluetooth Smart jewelry. Designed in conjunction with Cellini, a boutique, high-end jeweler, it combines top-quality design with connectivity powered by CSR’s innovative Bluetooth Smart solution – the CSR1012. Consisting of pendant-style necklaces that contain integrated electronics that enable the user to customize the color and brightness to suit their mood or to match their personal sense of fashion. The electronics integrated into the jewelry have been designed to support a range of functions, making it possible to alert users to new notifications on their smartphones, an application that would normally be associated with a connected bracelet.

csr-bluetooth-smart-jewelry-qtooth-1CSR recently surveyed consumers on their views on wearable technology and found that 72% agree that it’s important that wearable technology devices look good and 67% admit that it’s important that they fit with their personal style.

“Many of the wearable technology devices hitting the shelves today offer great features but don’t take into consideration that consumers want beautiful, cutting-edge devices that complement their personal style,” says Paul Williamson, Director of Low Power Wireless at CSR. “If wearable technology is to reach its potential it needs to appeal to more than just technology lovers. Devices like these connected pendants will help wearable tech go mass market.”

csr-bluetooth-smart-jewelry-qtooth-2The platform used in this series of jewelry is part of the proven CSR µEnergy® range. It is specifically engineered for the wearable technology market. It allows the jewelry to connect to smartphones using a fraction of the power of standard Bluetooth by connecting directly to a small lithium battery. It’s also incredibly small, making it ideal for wearable accessories.

Currently the CSR microprocessor being used in this jewelry supports the Apple Notification Center Service (ANCS). This new iOS 7 feature allows peripheral devices to access all notifications generated on an iOS device over a Bluetooth connection. Wearers can be alerted to any new notifications from their iPhone. CSR will also be demonstrating Android applications that enable the user to set the color and patterns of the jewelry.

csr-bluetooth-smart-jewelry-qtooth-3“Although these prototypes have been designed to alert users to notifications on their smartphones they could be used for many other things,” concludes Williamson. “Developers could use the same printed circuit board (PCB) to design more aesthetically pleasing activity monitors. They could even integrate scent capsules to allow users to release a spray of their favorite fragrance at certain times of day. We wanted to give our customers a glimpse of what they could do with this technology. The possibilities for truly wearable technology devices are endless and we’re looking forward to seeing what they develop with it in the future.”

So, although this generation of Bluetooth Smart jewelry might not be for everybody, it’s cool to see CSR putting this out there and perhaps inspiring developers with the possibilities. It’s a sort of a “build it and the developers will come” type of approach. We’ll see in the next year or so where the whole wireless and wearable tech world goes with the amazing groundwork that is currently being laid.

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