ID TechEX Wearable Technology 2015 Expo November 18-19

idtechex-wearable-usa-qtooth-500IDTechEx Wearable USA uniquely covers end user needs and wearable technology innovations. Attended by over 700 key people across the value chain and 30+ exhibitors in 2014, this is the largest show in the US covering wearable technology.

As traditional consumer electronics devices begin to saturate, new markets are being explored and foremost among them is wearable technology. However, wearable gadgets thus far are mixed in terms of their success, with several booms and busts over the last three years.

In 2015 the wearable technology market will be $24.2 Billion, based on surveys conducted by IDTechEx Research. However, the majority of this – 74% – is for already mature wearables – the humble electronic wristwatch, earphones, blood glucose test strips and the like.

Consumers want to be connected and preferably without carrying around bulky things, but wearable technology devices just aren’t there yet in terms of device form factor, such as marrying the need for larger displays with smaller wearable devices.

Wearable technology roadmap has new components

The majority of devices available have adopted component platforms developed for cell phones into wearable products. The future will be very different from the current because it will involve the use of new types of electronics – namely thin, conformal, flexible, invisible, distributed and textile integrated components that are just emerging from research labs now.

The IDTechEx Wearable Technology USA event covers these emerging components in the following sessions, each includes different leading organizations presenting that are hand picked by IDTechEx analysts.

  • Flexible and printed sensor advances
  • MEMs and other sensor technologies for wearable electronics
  • Stretchable and textile electronics
  • Flexible batteries and other power options
  • Flexible displays: OLED and Beyond
  • Lighting technology advances
  • Manufacturing for wearable electronics
  • New progress in PV
  • Structural electronics

Additionally other system components and the current leading devices are covered, from ICs to smart wristbands.

The requirements from brands

The event also presents brands and fashion organizations discussing their vertical industry needs. These presentations are structured into the following sessions:

  • Wearable technology for healthcare and sportswear
  • Wearable technology in enterprise / industry
  • Wearable technology in fashion


IDTechEx Research believes that the wearable technology market will rise three fold over the next ten years from $24 billion in 2015, with the growth enabled by many new technology innovations becoming available now and over the next few years. In the meantime, there will continue to be boom and bust wearable gadget makers. But the winners will be the technology innovators and those that integrate the new components. Wearable technology will take off when people can wear it, not when wearable technology wears people, as it mostly does today, and our aim with this event is to present to you the user needs and innovations that offer real opportunities.