Intel Posts Great Guide to the Internet of Things Infographic

Intel recently posted this great guide to the Internet of Things infographic. It’s basically a snapshot of where the technology is right now, not only explaining what the term means but also demonstrates the many areas of our lives that are being affected by its development.

The basic concept of an Internet of Things, or IoT, is that “smart” technology is being put into millions of devices, from microscopic ones that can be embedded in other devices, or event he human body, to large scale machines and systems. This allows them to communicate and work with each other and with us. As the technology finds greater adoption and becomes part of our daily lives, we will have everything from our clothing to our cars to our appliances and environmental systems communicating over the internet.

It is a concept that is exploding in popularity. There are virtually limitless areas that can be developed for both industries and our personal lifestyles. It’s a time of the wild frontier and there is so much to be explored. The potential benefits of an Internet of Things are enormous.

There are a few links embedded in the original that we can’t replicate here but we have listed those links below the infographic here for convenience.

internet-of-things-infographic-intel-qtoothHere, in order of their appearance, are the links that are referred to within the graphic:

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And of course the original graphic on Intel’s website.