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Here’s a quick look at the LAPKA Personal Environmental Monitor for your iOS powered devices. We’re stepping out a little bit on this product by covering something that is not wireless, per se, but works with a wireless device, namely the iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch.What does it do exactly? Well, it monitors your environment on key factors like temperature, humidity, electromagnetic fields, radiation, and even the conductivity of nitrate ions left behind in fruits and vegetables by the use of fertilizers to give you a quick gauge of just how “organic” that food really is.
Here’s a look at each sensor and what it does:

Lapka RadiationProfessionally precise. Lapka Radiation reveals highly accurate information about the radioactive particles around you and how they might be affecting you.
Method and ProcessСonnect Lapka Radiation to your iOS device usingthe cable from the box. Lapka Radiation averages the number of particles it detects over time, so running the test for longer than two minutes will yield more accurate results. Just wait until the indicator turns black before completing the test.Lapka Radiation is sensitive to low levels of hard beta and gamma particles. Use it to measure the background radiation level wherever you go, or to detect increased levels of radioactive particles in certain scenarios (like on a flight). After testing, you’ll get a personal report comparing the final results with established guidelines, which you can save to your diary box or share with the world.


Lapka OrganicDesigned to detect significant quantities of nitrates in raw produce left behind by the use of synthetic fertilizers.
Method and ProcessСonnect Lapka Organic to your iOS device using the cable from the box. Remove the cap from Lapka Organic and insert the stainless steel probe into any fruit or vegetable included on the preset list.Lapka Organic simply measures conductivity, which correlates to the relative concentration of nitrate ions left behind from nitrogen-based fertilizers. In other words, the less electricity a fruit or vegetable conducts, the more likely it is to be free of impurities (distilled water, for example, is nonconductive). Each fruit and vegetable has a defined limit for nitrate concentration, and conductivity that significantly exceeds these limits suggests the use of non-organic farming practices.Be sure to clean the probe after every use.


Lapka EMFDetects electromagnetic fields (EMF), which can be caused by electronic devices, wireless transmitters, or nearby power lines. Lapka EMF can be used to help find a spot in your home with the least electromagnetic pollution — perfect for your bed, desk, or yoga mat.
Method and ProcessСonnect Lapka EMF to your iOS device using the cable from the box.Lapka EMF can measure both High Frequency (HF) Low Frequency (LF) fields. Depending on the preset, Lapka EMF can be used to detect cell phone antenna activity, microwaves, or exposed wires. Move around, discover, and investigate new places. Or try wearing Lapka throughout the day.


Lapka HumidityThe temperature and relative humidity of your environment are measured, combined, and compared with our knowledge base of comfort standards to help you better understand your personal climate at any moment.
Method and ProcessGive Lapka Humidity 10 minutes to fully acclimate to a new environment before use. Once acclimated, connect Lapka Humidity to your iOS device using the cable from the box.Lapka Humidity will measure the temperature and relative humidity simultaneously. After measuring, you’ll get a personal report comparing the results with established guidelines. Don’t forget to store the results in your diary box!

These monitors are great for those of us who really want to know what goes on around our bodies and for determining where we want make changes to improve our immediate surroundings and what we choose to put inside of us. The next two images show how the accompanying apps can make suggestions as to how make those changes and give us statistics over time as to whether or not we are headed in the right direction.lapka-app-share-report-qtooth


So far the LAPKA system only seems to be available on their own website. But check it out if you, or someone you love, fits the profile of someone who just “wants to know”.

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