Logitech G930 Headset Review – Wireless Gaming Performance with Surround Sound

The Logitech G930 Wireless Headset has become the “go to” headset for many gamers and frequent online chatters, and we understand why. Here’s a closer look at how it got to be that way.

Overall Physical Design

First, the headsets themselves are very comfortable to wear. Solid construction while staying lightweight, they feel built to last. Big, chunky, and with a simple plastic finish,we have to admit they are not one of the better looking headsets out there. But they are highly functional. Each feature is logically located and well-thought out. The headband that arches between the two ear cups is uniquely cushioned with memory foam that forms to the wearer’s head. This lends extra stability to how they mount and can be especially handy when the tunes are rockin’ or you are instinctively ducking when under heavy fire in your gamer’s world. The ear cups are well padded and should easily surround most players ears. Take it from someone who’s got some pretty big ears! These are a sealed back ear cups, which is great for isolating you from getting distracted by ambient sound in your immediate environment but may make the side of your head sweat a bit if you tend to run on the hot side.


What Makes this Wireless Headset Different

The Logitech G930 Wireless Headset has very good sound characteristics. This begins with the fact that Logitech has chosen to use a style of wireless signal that is similar in nature to WiFi. And just like some WiFi signals, it transmits on the 2.4GHz frequency spectrum. Why is this a good thing? Well, because many wireless headsets use Bluetooth wireless for their signal. Bluetooth is an excellent form of wireless that is perfect for voice and some other basic audio. Although it has been steadily improving in sound over the last few years, courtesy of companies like AdaptX, it still uses highly compressed audio data that limits the depth and detail of your audio. This will probably change over the next few years, but for now utilizing a wireless signal like the one that Logitech has for the G930 gives you full spectrum, uncompressed audio today. What good are the best speakers and microphones in a headset if the audio signal through which it is being delivered can’t take advantage of that quality? Logitech’s claims their proprietary wireless technology is up to 38% faster than Bluetooth. They hope that this means you won’t experience any delayed audio. Not sure if there really is that much of a difference in the end result, but if you rely on audio cues to give you an edge in video game perhaps that will mean one more check in your win column. The Logitech G930 can also automatically hop between frequencies to avoid other signals that might create interference and should keep the signal clear and strong. The claimed range of the wireless signal is 40 feet (12m) and we’ve found this to be pretty consistent. So kudos to Logitech for doing it right and choosing a great wireless protocol.

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The signal begins at the transmitter which takes the form of a simple, black USB device that will fit directly into any USB port. It will also plug in to the included hub-like charging base. This handy accessory comes with a long standard USB cable on one end and a micro USB cable on the other. In the middle of the charger is a USB port. Here you can plugin the transmitter and then use the micro USB cable to charge the headset. You can even use the charging base to power the headset and use it like a wired device when the battery gets low. Very flexible!



All of the controls are located on the left ear cup . This consists of three customizable buttons, a mute button for the microphone, a Dolby Digital switch and a power button.  We should note we like having the controls here instead of inline on the cable or on a separate mixer. You will always know where they are and won’t find yourself scrambling to find the controls.



The flip-down microphone is also located next to the controls, putting everything you need quick access to in one place. The microphone is of decent quality, providing clear communication. It has built-in noise cancelling so your listeners will only hear you, not whatever is going on in the room near you. The microphone auto-mutes when in the up position and un-mutes itself when in the down position, ready for use. There is a convenient red light on the microphone arm that turns on when it is muted. This gives you a visual cue as to whether or not you can be heard. So, light on? Talk smack! Light off? Be careful what you say!



The Logitech G930 Wireless Headset does a great job at recreating the full spectrum of audio. Although not reference quality like you’d find in a recording studio they had crisp, well-defined treble response, smooth mids and a well rounded, full bass sound. Sure, the bass could’ve been tighter and punchier, but in this price range AND being wireless we thought they performed well.  They can get very loud without breaking up at all. Although note to users!! You may want to go easy on setting the EQ controls. Some people have complained of some distortion in the audio at higher volumes. In our experience over boosting the EQ was the cause. Use the EQ to sculpt the sound, not boost the volume, and you should be fine. As for the Dolby 7.1 surround sound circuitry, we found it to be quite convincing. It can certainly help you locate opponents and other elements more quickly in a gaming situation.


Make no mistake, although most users will be buying these for gaming, they also make a great choice for internet chats, phone calls, and watching movies and television. It’s also great that Logitech has made all of the included accessories easily replaceable through retailers. It’s always a pain in the butt when we accidentally break an accessory to one of our devices and then have to beg the manufacturer to “allow” us to buy it separately. Versatile, easy to use, good performance and well supported are the reasons why the Logitech G930 has become one of the most popular choices in a full-size wireless headset.

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