Magnetyze Wireless Charging Case For The iPhone 5 – Coming Soon!

Magnetyze Wireless Charging Case For The iPhone 5 Coming Soon! - QTOOTH

Wires are like SO last decade! Everything is going wireless, even our power supplies. The one thing keeping the iPhone 5 from being free from all cables is when it comes time to recharge it. However that is soon to change. Buqu Tech has just announced that its line of Magnetyze wireless charging cases will soon be available for the iPhone 5. Already available are wireless charging cases for the Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4, and iPhone 4/4s. Theses cases allow for wireless charging via the Magnetyze USB, desk, car or wall chargers.

It is incredibly easy to setup and use. Just slip the Magnetyze case onto the back of the iPhone and plug into the Lightning connector. Then place the encased phone onto a Magnetyze charger and the magnets will hold the phone in place while it charges. The cost for the charging case and a USB cable with a charger at the end is $60. From there, add accessories like the $40 desk charger which doubles as a stand or the $60 car charger which doubles as a mount.

Here are a few FAQs for this dual-purpose lightweight case that acts as both a shock-absorbent protector and a magnetic charger in one:

  • Eliminate cords or connectors! Built in to the case are magnets that act as both mounts and connectors that make charging your phone easy.
  • A cable is included with a USB connector on one end and a magnetic connector on the other. This allows for full speed magnetic charging from any USB port or USB charger.
  • Because the Lightning connector on your phone stays plugged in to the case there is no excessive wear on your phone’s charge port
  • Maintain easy access to all of your phone’s camera and function buttons. The case will not block you from using them as you normally would.
  • Choose from any of the Magnetyze charging accessories. The entire product line is compatible.

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