Reminder: The 2014 Europe Wearable Technologies Conference is January 27-28th – Go!


Hailing itself as the world’s biggest gathering for wearables, the 11th Europe Wearable Technologies Conference comes to Munich on January 27 and 28th. This is an opportunity for anyone interested in this emerging field to meet the most important players in the wearable tech ecosystem.

Since the first conference in 2006, Wearable Technologies has expanded into the US and Asia. The 2014 Wearable Technologies Conference is the leading event of its kind in Europe and it features a very comprehensive line-up of technology innovations and active discussions about the latest trends with thought leaders, innovators, and groundbreaking start-ups in this exciting area. Register today meet the leading players, entrepreneurs, developers and visionaries at Europe’s premier conference for wearable technologies.

The latest in Smart Watch and Smart Glass projects will be on display and industry giants like Samsung, Sony and STMicroelectronics will be on hand to demonstrate their latest technology. The Europe Wearable Technologies Conference Europe gives you the chance to get in-depth insights into the future of lifestyle, sports, and health devices and other application fields for wearable technologies. Another highlight of the conference is the award ceremony of the Wearable Technologies Innovation World Cup on Jan. 27, 2014. The finalists will present their solutions and the “WT Innovator of the Year” will be announced.

Because the event takes place at the same time as ISPO MUNICH, the leading sports business trade show, the focus will lean towards health and fitness devices. However, all facets of this rapidly evolving, billion dollar market will be covered.

Here is the complete lineup of speakers with links to their respective industries:

Christoph Dressel Kwamecorp, Ltd.
Eugene Jorov Seraphim Sense
Dr. Wolfgang Schmitt Bosch Sensortec GmbH
Muhammad Abdurrahman Playtabase
Dhananja Jayalath (DJ) Athos
Matthias Kassner EnOcean GmbH
Dr. Thomas Alt Metaio GmbH
Dr. Roland Aubauer Microchip Technology
Joshua Flood ABI Research
Jérémie Bouchaud IHS Technology
B. Leo Kwak Applied Materials
Gernot Bahle DFKI
Harry Strasser Wearable Technologies
Maximilian Müller Moticon
Zeev Zalevsky Bar-Ilan University
Bhairav Shankar Avantari
Karin Edgett Sensor Sensor
Ants Patrik Maran Ulocs
Michael Szücs 9solutions
Antti Pihlakoski Myontec
Alexandros Giannakis SenseCore


For short biographies on the speakers, click here.
For more information and a complete schedule for the events agenda, click here.
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