The ReLax Kit – OP Innovations Introduces Easy-to-Use Bio-Sensor to Help Manage Stress

OP Innovations has just introduced their ReLax Kit. It takes measurements of multiple factors that can reveal the stress level of the wearers, monitoring users’ brain waves, body posture and more. The ReLax Kit uses advanced bio-signal tracking, allowing users to monitor and manage their stress levels. The ultra-compact bio-sensor and easy-to-use app empowers users to gain control over stress.

OP Innovations Bio-Sensor – The ReLax Kit - QTOOTH

The ReLax Kit is perfect for anyone who is trying to gain control over their stress levels by letting them see an easy to understand graphical representation. This can be great for just about anyone: students, office workers, athletes, yoga and meditation enthusiasts or those with stress-induced health issues, the leading cause of almost all health issues. The ReLax Kit’s versatile bio-sensor can monitor facial muscle tension, body posture, and brain waves throughout a variety of activities at any time, day or night. So whether exercising, working, sleeping or meditating you can get feedback about your overall stress level versus while engaged in a specific activity. Meanwhile, the kit’s app can display your compiled brain wave and facial muscle wave data in an easy-to-read color-coded graph and quickly determine your level of stress. Over time, you can learn to control or influence the output toward a desired direction. Spend too much time at your desk? Or, heaven forbid, your couch? The ReLax Kit’s app can raise poor posture awareness by also displaying a visual history of your body posture.

OP Innovations Introduces Easy-to-Use Bio-Sensor to Help Users Manage Stress – The ReLax Kit - QTOOTHIncluded in the kit is the advanced TrueSense bio-sensor. Weighing approximately the same as a penny (3g), users will most likely forget they are even wearing it. Unlike many competitors’ devices, the TrueSense bio-sensor can distinguish brain waves from muscle waves, and is even able to individually track the different classifications of brain waves – from super beta to delta waves – giving users an in-depth look at their mental state. A single charge of the TrueSense bio-sensor can provide over 16 hours of real-time wireless bio-feedback tracking.

It includes the ReLax App, a TrueSense bio-sensor, and accompanying accessories, and is capable of monitoring brain wave and posture data in real time. OP Innovations has also developed two additional kits that utilize the remarkable capabilities of the TrueSense bio-sensor:

The Special Edition ReLax Science Kit is designed for science education, and is perfect for high school and college students conducting experiments regarding brain waves. Thanks to the downloadable ReLax App and the Science Learning Booklet, users can conduct science experiments and begin understanding data within minutes. The ReLax Science Kit is available for preorder at

The TrueSense Exploration Kit is the most advanced and versatile of the kits, and can be used for research and in-depth tracking. To encourage independent development, data streams and data sets are available in Open Format, and the OPI console and SDK (software development kit) are available with open source licenses. The TrueSense Exploration Kit is now available at

OP Innovations Introduces Easy-to-Use Bio-Sensor to Help Users Manage Stress – The ReLax Kit

Exploration Kit Technical Specifications:

  • 2-electrode (bipolar) signal acquisition, 2000X high gain amplifier
  • 512Hz sampling rate, 13bit effective dynamic range
  • Built-in 3D (XYZ) accelerometer for motion and posture capturing
  • Rechargeable LIR1220 button cell
  • Support for multiple sensors, multiple controllers, and time synchronized operations


Available now on ($47) with more product photos and detailed specs. Hopefully coming to other retailers soon. In the meantime check out the other well-reviewed versions already on the market: