TRX Systems’ NEON® Personnel Tracker Solution Used by Houston Police to Ensure Public Safety During Super Bowl

TRX Systems, developer of the NEON® Indoor Location Solution, today announced that the NEON Personnel Tracker application was used by the Houston Police to help ensure public safety in NRG Stadium for Super Bowl LI.

You can check out the Super Bowl example video here, but here’s a quick look at the technology:

NEON Personnel Tracker delivers mapping and location in environments where GPS is unavailable or unreliable such as inside large office buildings, in stadiums and underground. By delivering location in these “GPS-denied” environments, NEON improves both command effectiveness and safety for public safety and security personnel. NEON Personnel Tracker delivers location in both 2D and 3D and provides tracking and visualization of personnel in complex indoor and outdoor environments. Accurate tracking is accomplished using NEON’s patented location algorithms which leverage all available device sensors including inertial, magnetic, pressure, light, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS signals (where available) to calculate location.

Working closely with Harris County Central Technology Services and the Houston Police, TRX deployed NEON Personnel Tracker in a solution integrated with the Motorola LEX L10 Mission Critical LTE Handhelds. The NEON solution on the LEX L10 utilized the Harris County Public Safety Broadband network at NRG Park where each officer carrying the LEX L10 with the NEON application was able to be tracked in 3D from the command center throughout the nearly 2 million square feet of NRG Stadium. With real-time 3D visualization of first responder locations inside buildings, police and other first responders have improved situational awareness that helps ensure public safety. A short video showing TRX Systems’ NEON Personnel Tracker at NRG Stadium can be found here.

“Public Safety LTE is a reality and happening right here in Texas. Harris County is committed to enhancing public safety through the use of leading edge technology,” said Shing Lin, Director Harris County CTS. “Applications enabled by Public Safety LTE networks are part of our continuing investment to safeguard the public and effectively manage our resources at major public events such as the Super Bowl.”