Check Out All of the Latest Gear at the WearableTech Expo in Los Angeles

wearable-tech-expo-los-angeles-logo-qtoothWe here at QTOOTH are extremely excited to be attending the first Wearable Tech Expo to be held in Los Angeles. It promises to be a very eye-opening event with plenty of innovative technologies on display as well as talks by some of the industry’s leading luminaries. The conference is being held at the Hilton Los Angeles December 10-11, 2013. The event is tailored to explore the ins and outs of the rapidly growing market for wearable technology products and services. The two-day conference will feature live presentations and educational discussions from the pioneers of this movement who will share their profound insights on the latest wearable tech devices, trends, technologies and the future of this multi-billion dollar industry.

Sound like fun? Would you like to go? As media sponsor of the event, QTOOTH has a line on discounted tickets to the event which you can find by clicking here.

With new companies and products entering the market virtually every week, it can be hard to keep up or gain a clear perspective on where it all might be leading. This expo will help to gain some much needed perspective on how wearable technology will impact both our businesses and our personal lifestyles.

The range of topics on the agenda are extremely diverse. The Wearable Tech conference program includes:

  • Opening Keynote Panel: Wearable Tech – The Next Generation Electronics that will Drive Next Generation WT Products – This keynote will kick off the event, diving into the next wave of internal electronics and sensors that will drive innovation and power next generation product development.
  • The Smart Watch Phenomenon – Extraordinarily Useful or Simply Marketing Hype? – This panel will speak to the five-year future of smart watches and provide insight on what to expect from this market.
  • Quantifying Yourself – Do All Those Wearable Device Health Details and Graphs Really Make a Difference to Your Health? – Attendees will discuss the hype around health monitors and explore the truth behind functionality vs. fashion statements.
  • Enterprise Wearable Technology – This session will feature both enterprise vendors and enterprise end users who are working to develop and deploy cutting-edge solutions and discuss how these technologies will evolve at every point in the workforce value chain.
  • Fireside Chat: Creating a Wearable Tech Business from the Ground Up – Attendees will learn from an entrepreneur who has taken the plunge in building a wearable technology company from the ground up. Learn best practices, potential pitfalls and the “secret advice” for launching a successful wearable tech business.
  • Wearable Tech and Your Brain Waves – Really Useful Devices or Possibly Dangerous Toys? – As wearable devices begin to wirelessly monitor brain waves and brain-generated electrical signals via EEG, where’s the line between safe and dangerous when it comes to monitoring information as it’s emitted from the brain. This panel will debate that answer.
  • Fashion Technology and WT Design – Endless Possibilities – Fashion lovers will have the opportunity to discover the driving force behind a variety of technologies, especially smart clothing and how devices and sensors interact with and become part of the fashion itself.
  • Augmented Reality and a Hands-Free World – With new technologies designed to enhance visual reality, this session will explore the current state of the art in augmented reality.
  • Smart Materials – It’s Not Just the Toy, It’s what the Toy is Made of that Counts as Well – As wearable tech continues to grow, new materials come to market to help create the solutions. Attendees in this session will have the opportunity to discover many of these new wearable materials and get a glimpse into tomorrow’s possibilities.
  • Will Wearable Technology Prove Itself to be a Sustainable $50 Billion Market? – This panel discussion dives deep into perspectives on why wearable technology is either already turning into a significant marketplace or will have a shorter lifespan than expected.
  • Wearable Technology in the Entertainment Industry – Attendees will have the chance to examine how much of the wearable technology shown in movies such as “Tron: Legacy” and television shows can actually be implemented in the real world.
  • Making Sense of Google (News Alert) Glass – Unsustainable Phenomenon or the Real Future? – Attendees will hear expert opinions on Google Glass, including the developers building applications for the device, as well as end-user content developers using Glass in creative ways.

Not only will attendees get to take part in all of these presentations and discussions, but they will also have the opportunity to go to the Wearable Tech Demo Forum and Reception. This will give them a chance to see technology and product presentations from nearly 20 companies. Nothing beats hands-on experience and this will be the place to do it.

So the question is: Wouldn’t you love to go? As mentioned before QTOOTH does have a line on discounted tickets. Click here for details.

And if you can’t make it, have no fear, QTOOTH is going to be there and we’ll be live tweeting from the event and posting many a followup story to everything that goes on. Hey, it’s what we do! Stay tuned…