Got Wearable Tech? Then You Need Apps! Wearables DevCon Exceeds Expectations

wearables-devcon-2014-logo-qtoothThe first edition of the WearablesDevCon kicked off today and it has proven to be extremely popular. So popular that the promoters, BZ Media, announced that next year’s event will be moving to a larger facility to accommodate the expected increase in attendance. This year’s event was originally set for 500 registrants. Instead, there were over 1,200! They will also be changing the name from “Wearables DevCon” to “Wearables TechCon” to better reflect the focus of the event.

There’s good reason for this event to be well-attended. For every wearable tech device that is invented there will need to be dozens, if not hundreds, of apps available for it to be successful. In the smartphone world this is called having an “app ecosystem”. One of the big reasons why people are not buying as many Windows or Blackberry phones is because there are not nearly as many apps available as there are for the Apple iOS and Android phones, both whom have over a million apps each. Having a rich, well-developed ecosystem of apps to get the most out of these new wearable devices will mean the difference between mass adoption and abandonment.

Though not everyone may be able to bring a wearable tech product to market, just about anyone can develop applications for them with a bit of training. The APIs and SDKs for most of these devices are available for anyone to download and to dive right in create their own solutions. There is a lot of promise out there. It will be interesting to see how creative humans will get with this new approach to engaging with our world through these wireless wearable devices.

And that’s exactly where events like Wearables DevCon come in handy. It’s an incredible way to get involved. Just take a look at who the teachers are and what companies are there to support you on your journey. Manufacturers are eager, some may say desperate, for people to put their technology to use in all ways possible, starting with apps. Their success depends on it.

QTOOTH will be reporting on the action from the conference and will follow up with what we think are the highlights. Stay tuned…