WearableTech Conference Tomorrow: PLT Labs, CSR, and More!

QTOOTH is headed to the Wearable Tech Conference tomorrow where we’ll be checking out all of the latest in gear and innovation from the developers and companies who make it all possible. There’s still time to get discount tickets if you are interested in going. As media sponsor of the event, QTOOTH has a line on discounted tickets to the event which you can find by clicking here.

We’ll be getting hands-on experience with innovations from CSR, Pivothead, Revolutionary Tracker, HzO, Ellisys, Freescale, Clothing+, Sensoplex, and more.  We’ll be tweeting and posting live from the conference as much as possible.. We’ll also be doing a lot of follow up articles here on QTOOTH.COM, so stay tuned!

We’re really looking forward to getting  chance to have a sit down with Mike Holmlund, software product marketing manager at Plantronics, and learn all about the Concept 1 Project that is coming out of PLT Labs, Plantronics research division. Check out the video below that lays out the basics of the how this device works. Dubbed “Google Glass for your ears”, we think that this type of device might find more rapid adoption than smart glasses or watches.

What do you think? Do you have any questions you’d like us to ask the folks at PLT Labs when we meet up with them at the Wearable Tech Conference?


Please Note: The following headsets are not the Concept 1. The Concept 1 is yet to be introduced to the market. But hey, if you’re looking for one of the best Bluetooth headsets on the market from a company who has been at it longer than just about anyone, check them out!