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Sony PlayStation 4 Availability - QTOOTH

The next generation Sony PlayStation 4 was announced back in February 2013 with a few hardware specs but not much else. Now more fully revealed at E3 2013, the PS4 attempts to be Sony’s answer to a gaming focused console, rather than trying to be an all-in-one media center. Based on a “supercharged PC architecture,” it features 8GB of GDDR5 unified high-speed memory, an X86 processor, and enhanced PC-style GPU, the PS4 seems to be a bit smaller of a unit than the XBOX One while still managing to be slightly more powerful.

The  launch date of the Sony PlayStation 4 is still set to make it available for the holiday 2013 season. It should be priced at $399.00. Luckily there won’t be any restrictions on first-party used games, meaning that you will be able to freely trade and re-sell, however third party developers likeActivision or EA will now be able to add DRM to games to limit the user’s ability to do that if they should choose. Unfortunately, while there is no backwards compatibility with PS3 games, it will support Gaikai cloud game streaming in 2014.